Deck Wars

To shake things up, we’ve added a just-for-fun competitive element to the cruise this year! All guests on the boat have been divided into 4 teams – Red, Blue, Yellow and Green. There will be many different ways for y'all to earn points throughout the cruise and on the last night, the team with the most points will be named the Kick It In The Ship Deck Wars Champion!

All teams are assigned by cabin location, and we've made Facebook cover photos for you to share which team you belong to! Just right click to save it and then you can upload to your Facebook profile!

Decks 4 & 11 are Red

Decks 5 & 8 are Blue

Deck 9 is Yellow

Deck 10 is Green



What does the winning team get?
Bragging rights, mostly. Really, this competition is for fun and is designed to introduce you to new friends!

If I upgrade my cabin, will my team change?
Possibly. Your team solely depends on the cabin you end up sailing in, so any movement between decks may change your team.

Which activities will be part of Deck Wars?
Flip Cup, Pool Pictionary, the Ping Pong Tournament, Bingo, and the Daisy Dudes Contest are all opportunities to earn points! It's listed in the description of each activity and will also be notated on your onboard schedule! You don’t need to go out of your way to be part of Deck Wars, it’s just an added bonus to this year’s regularly scheduled activities.

How do I know which team is in the lead?
There will be screens throughout the ship and a leaderboard in the Atrium (Deck 7, MID) where you can follow each team’s standings. Sixthman Carlee will also make announcements throughout the cruise to keep y'all up-to-date on who's in the lead!

I don't plan on participating in lots of activities. Can I earn points too?
Yes! If activities aren’t your thing, you can still be a valuable asset to your team. Here are a couple of ways to earn points that aren’t directly related to an onboard activity, and more will be announced prior to sailing!

  • Capture The Flags - This year, we’ll be hiding special hot pink flags all over the boat throughout our trip. If you find one, follow the instructions on the back of the flag and drop it off at the Guest Services desk (Deck 7, MID) to earn points for your crew! 
  • Letters To The Children's Hospital - Our charity partner this year is the Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. They accept letters of encouragement for the patients there, so we'll have a station set up in the Merch Store (Deck 12, FWD) where you can write letters. Each letter will earn you 50 points for your team, and you can earn a max of 500 points (or 10 letters worth) this way!
  • Social Media Scavenger Hunt - Everyone who completes the form by 3:00pm on embark day, November 4th, will earn 50 points for their team. You can start completing tasks now, but there are some that must wait until you’re on board! Begin your social media scavenger hunt HERE!

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