Traveling Solo?

Traveling Solo?

Guests 21 years and up (as of November 4, 2019) can book a double occupancy interior, ocean view or balcony stateroom and pay only one cabin fare and one set of taxes and fees. We will contact you prior to sailing to verify that you have not found your own match and still wish to be matched with another Independent Traveler Program (ITP) guest. After we contact you with a match, we will give you 7 days to notify us if you have found your own match or if you plan to sail at single occupancy. If you have found your own traveling companion you can add your guest at your same rate and un-enroll in the program. If not, we will match you with a cabin mate of the same gender from our other guests in the program. Either way, you are only responsible for your share of the fare, fees and optional charges such as travel insurance. Just contact us at brantleygilbertcruise@sixthman.net or 877-379-9195 to make this program work for you!


I'm already booked and…

…I don't have a cabinmate yet, how do I sign up?
Contact us at brantleygilbertcruise@sixthman.net or call 877-379-9195.
…I am booked into a triple (or quad or quint) occupancy room. Can I still participate?
We are happy to help with this but keep in mind, it would result in the per person cost increasing for your cabinmates that you would leave behind but contact us at brantleygilbertcruise@sixthman.net or call 877-379-9195 and we can help you do the math.

I'm not booked yet…

How do I book?
To join the Independent Traveler Program, please book a double occupancy cabin, but only pay a deposit for yourself. Then, email us at brantleygilbertcruise@sixthman.net and we'll  deduct the second guest's fare from your total due and enroll you in the ITP program!

What cabin types are included in the ITP?
The ITP is available for all cabin types except for Suites.

Can I stay in my original room?
Although we can guarantee that you will be placed into a comparable stateroom of equal or greater value (at no additional cost to you) we cannot guarantee that you will stay in the room you originally reserve.

Who will be my roommate?
Another passionate music fan! We will place you with another guest 21 years of age or older of the same gender who is also enrolled in the ITP program. We are unable to accommodate any other specific requests. All staterooms on the Norwegian Pearl are non-smoking.

What is the ITP rate?
Your rate will be the per-person rate as shown on the Pricing page under the double-occupancy column corresponding to your cabin type, plus the per-person taxes and fees.
When does this offer expire?
This offer automatically expires when the event is fully booked and on a waitlist.  Sixthman also reserves the right to close new enrollment into the program at anytime.
Can I book a triple (or quad or quint) if I would prefer to share with more guests?
This policy only applies to double-occupancy cabins.

What is the referral policy for the Independent Traveler Program?
In the case that there is a referral program active, there will be no referral credits or discounts awarded for referrals who book as a part of ITP.

The Fine Print

It is Sixthman's policy to book all cabins for a minimum of double occupancy. For any guest booking passage individually and not specifying an identified cabinmate preference, Sixthman reserves the right to place such guest with another guest of the same gender booking passage individually and not specifying an identified cabinmate preference. Any guest placed in a cabin with another guest hereby releases Sixthman and the Cruise Line, and all of their respective officers, employees, owners, agents, and representatives from any claims or liabilities arising out of or directly related to such placement. In the alternative, any guest booking passage individually and not specifying an identified cabinmate preference may specify a preference for a single cabin and purchase such cabin at two times the single-occupancy cabin rate.  Guests booked into the Independent Traveler Program are eligible for any applicable onboard experiences (i.e. photos) on an individual basis.  However, any guest booked into Independent Traveler Program who later decides to name their own guest is no longer part of the Independent Traveler Program and will be included in those activities with their cabinmates.

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