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Distance from Port of Miami to


FT LAUDERDALE AIRPORT: 25 miles (40 minutes)
PALM BEACH INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: 70 miles (1hr 15 minutes)

Directions From I-95

Take I-95 north or south to I-395. Follow the directional signs to the Biscayne Boulevard exit. When you get to Biscayne Blvd., make a right. Go to 5th Street which converts to Port Blvd. (landmark: American Airlines Basketball Arena) make a left and go over the Port bridge. Follow directional signs to designated terminal.

Port of Miami
1015 N America Way
Miami, FL 33132

Taxi Service

Taxicabs are available at all cruise terminals. The fare between the Miami International Airport and Port of Miami is currently a flat rate of $24. For other destinations, the cab fare is $2.40 upon entering the taxi and $2.40 per mile thereafter.

Rental Cars

Several car rental agencies are permitted to operate at the Port of Miami and provide courtesy shuttle service to their off-port remote locations. Contact your preferred car rental agency directly for the most up-to-date information and schedules.

The following agencies provide transport shuttle services from the Port to their rental offices:

Norwegian Shuttle Transfers

NCL offers shuttle service from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale Airport to the Miami port, as well as return shuttle service. These transfers can be purchased after you have received your reservation number (approximately 4 weeks prior to sailing).

 Transfers reserved in advance up until 4 days prior to sailing can be purchased for $13 per person each way from MIA and $20 per person from FLL. Transfers reserved at the airport on the day of sailing or on the ship for a return shuttle can be purchased at a slightly higher rate of $16 per person for MIA and $25 per person for FLL.

For more information about Norwegian Shuttle Transfers, please call their Reservations Department at 800-327-7030. You'll need to make sure to have your reservation number and flight information available to purchase the transfers.

Shuttle Service Companies

Companies servicing the greater Miami/ Fort Lauderdale Areas (including airports):


Parking is available in facilities located in front of individual cruise terminals. No reservations are required to park at the Port of Miami. Long-term parking for a regular vehicle occupying a single space is $20 per day. Short-term parking is $7.00 if you are coming to see someone off, but is not intended for overnight parking. All Cruises in the current itineraries would fall under Long Term Parking.

Rates will vary for larger vehicles (i.e. oversized vans, recreational vehicles and vehicles with trailers).  If the vehicle is over 20’ in length then an additional $20.00 is added per day.  Therefore, these larger (i.e. oversized vans, recreational vehicles and vehicles with trailers) cost $40.00 per day.  Also, all oversized vehicles may only park in Lot #2.

Currently garages C, G, J, and Lot # 2 accept cash, credit (Visa, MasterCard, American Express only), or any major U.S. Travelers check.

Garage Clearance Heights


Garage C

Garage D

Garage G

Garage J

First Floor





Remaining Floors






Additional Parking Information

  • There is no Valet Parking at the Port of Miami.
  • Due to security precautions Car/Shuttle rental company facilities are not located on the Port of Miami premises.
  • Long-term parking is $20.00 per day for cruise passengers parking for 24 hours/overnight or longer per cruise length.
  • Short-term parking is $7.00 if you are coming to see someone off, but is not intended for overnight parking.
  • All Cruises in the current itineraries would fall under Long Term Parking.
  • Oversized vehicles such as motor homes, trucks with trailers or buses that are over 20’ in length will be charged an additional $20.00 per day and may only park in Lot # 2.
  • The Port of Miami currently has 3 Parking Garages available for Cruise passengers.


  • Overnight Parking: $20
  • Short-term Parking: $7
  • Vehicles longer than 20 feet: An additional $20 per day



All of our garages and Lot E accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, or any major U.S. Traveler's Check. No debit cards are accepted.

* All parking prices at the Port of Miami are subject to change.

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